Sunday, June 17, 2012


I received this email from my Aunt Mare one morning this week.

 I got a new pair of white Keds tonight (first new pair in many years).
I have them on with my housecoat right now.
They are making me think of Mary McGossie and Nana and summers at Nellie and your mom and you two while you were growing up.
Wonderful memories are gliding through my mind and I have a big smile on my face.
Just thought I would share the feeling…
I love you.

I have a pair of navy blue Keds, but I never realized that they make me think of all of these things too. Along with my Grandma Weber, scurrying around the kitchen, preparing a monumental lunch that would pass as a supper in any other household. Hers might have been slightly soil-stained, having just picked the tomatoes and cucumbers that are now sitting on the table. 

Amazing what memories inanimate objects can stir up. Amazing what a pair of shoes can do. 

Thanks Aunt Mare. You totally made my day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Maria and Charlie

Last weekend was the first of three weddings for us this summer. I had been so looking forward to it, and it didn't disappoint. I guess the only way a wedding can really be disappointing is if the bride doesn't show. There's a story somewhere about a bride who, maybe trying to ease her wedding day jitters said jokingly "I don't" during the vows. The wedding had to be stopped immediately and postponed for 6 months. All of the guests were sent home. The sad thing is, while reading it I was thinking duuuude. I could TOTALLY see myself doing something super dumb like that while trying to get a chuckle out of my guests. 

Luckily for them and all of us, Maria and Charlie did say "I do", and it was beautiful.

When I lived in North Bay, I worked in a dental office as a receptionist for about
a year. Maria was the office manager, and kind of my mentor (don't tell her I said that.) I called her my "North Bay Mama," because she really took care of me. Actually, she really took care of all of her girls in that office. I once had a cough that wouldn't go away.

"I called the clinic," said Maria, all business. "Go down there and get checked out and don't come back."

She either really loved me or was REALLY annoyed by my constant hacking. I'm gonna go with option A (I was just at her wedding, after all.)

Maria and Charlie love to entertain. And they are so much fun. Looking at them, how they interacted, I always thought "I want to meet someone who loves being around people and having fun as much as I do." One night, I went to their place for dinner. I don't remember what we ate, but I do remember Charlie's margaritas. And a lot of laughing. I had to call my sister to come and pick me up that night. I'm pretty sure they pulled her in too for a drink. That's just the kind of people they are - always up for a laugh and some groovy times. 


Since it was their second marriage, it was understated and lovely. Maria's son Brady gave her away. The ceremony was sweet and full of love. The reception was a great time. In a surprising twist of fate, I snatched the bouquet out of thin air (ok, so I saw the wink Maria threw me before she tossed it.)

I got to see some of my favourite people, and the love between Charlie and Maria was palpable. It was one of those weddings where it's totally, 100% clear that these two are perfect for each other. 

Congratulations, Maria and Charlie.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I hate the playoffs

I come home from work. Climb into the roomate's lap. He looks annoyed and tries to placate me. A small hug and a pat on the back. He pushes me to the side on the couch. 

I am relentless. I am not going to let a little hockey game ruin my evening. 

He looks over. Double take. Look of disgust. 

"Put your shirt down. There's a hockey game on." Looks back at the TV. 

I'm shocked. Granted, I don't have much in that department but come on

"Really?!" I say, laughing. "REALLY!?!?"

"It's game FOUR of the FINALS!"

I can't freakin' wait for the hockey season to be over. Baseball is much easier to distract from.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The part where I should get all offended but don't because I know deep down he's absolutely freakin right

As you read this, I am snuggled under a blanket, sipping hot water with honey and lemon, hopped up on cough syrup. A vapourizer huffs and puffs beside me. By the end of the day, the house will likely smell of sickness - a smell I can't stand. I have had some sort of cold virus all week, which has led to my first ever case of laryngitis. Hold up...before you leave, this isn't going to be one of those posts (or uber long Facebook statuses) outlining all of my symptoms and lamenting on all of the things I cannot do because I am sick. I'm not asking for your sympathy (hell, I know I've got that already, what with all my secret posts about the man who has led me to believe he's my father.) 

So here I am, all full of laryngitis. Yesterday, I woke up feeling a little hoarse (as opposed to feeling a little horse, which would have been way cooler.) My dad came to visit and commented on how ridiculous I sounded with my "new laugh" - a high-pitched yet throaty squeak.

"Stop laughing like that," he demanded. "You sound silly." 

"I think I sound kinda sexy," I relented. "I wish my voice always sounded like this. Now where do you want to go next? Home Depot? The book store? We've got a lot of shopping to do and then we have to go home and hang my flower baskets and put up my new curtains and I have to put fresh sheets on the bed. What do you want to talk about now? Have you heard about Fifty Shades of Grey? It's this super-erotic new book that everyone's talking about. I think I'm going to buy a copy."

This morning, the Universe is telling me to just go ahead and shut the hell up.

The only sound able to cross my lips is a whisper. According to Dr. Internet, I have acute laryngitis, and I should try to rest my vocal chords today - not even whisper. Which also means no coughing, singing, reciting poetry, or yelling at my teammates during the softball game tonight. Do you have any IDEA how hard this is for me?

You know who's going to be sitting pretty though? The roomate. 

After waking up this morning and making the startling discovery that I was temporarily mute, I texted him to tell him the tragic news.

Me: OMG. It's gotten worse. I can't talk at all now. NO SOUNDS WHATSOEVER.


You guys? You know that Honeymoon Period, which usually lasts from the first three to six months of a new relationship, causing everything to appear rosy and no harsh words to be spoken between two lovers?

I think ours is officially over.