Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Birthday Face

This is Dame's "holy crap I'm 35" face. Coincidentally, it's also his "in yo' face," face, his "I ate the last ice cream sandwich" face, and his "I've had 8 beers and two rum and cokes" face. I like to think it's his "in two months I'll be marrying the woman of my dreams" face, but I have to admit I've never seen him make this face in that context.
Happy Birthday to my sweetie, who has the best outlook on life, who is super happy to be turning 35 because that means he can now play Oldtimers hockey. You're definitely a breath of fresh air, babe. And I'm so happy to be at your side.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Today, I went to my Dad's to celebrate Father's Day.

It rained all the way down in the car, but stopped as soon as I got there.

After it stopped raining and before the mosquitos came out and carried us away, I snapped some photos of the flowers in Dad's yard. They always look so bright right after it rains.